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Thank You :D
I would like to take this time to thank those who have supported me by playing and testing my game, listening to all my crazy ridiculous ideas, or the few of yo...
Switched the Downloads
I accidentally checked the OSX version to be windows supported and vise versa! My apologies and much thanks to the user who let me know. The issue has been fi...
Cloak Create-A-Character!
Hello All! I am so excited to be posting this EARLY! May I present to you: Cloak Create-A-Character! Create and customize your character, take pictures and sa...
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A New Style
I have played around with many different styles over the years and have always wanted to do a flat-lit game. I feel they allow for extreme stylization and atmo...
Demo Coming!
Happy New Year's everyone! Its been a little while since I was last active - holidays and online classes have all but eaten up my time. Either way, I have som...
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