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0.4 Update Pushed Back To April
I know I dropped a trailer for Penrose recently, but school has just piled on the projects thick for midterms and there is just no way to give you all a quality...
GameManager, Persistent Data & Optimization
Let me start out by saying I have NO formal training with C#, OOP (or whatever they call it nowadays) or Unity. Everything I know I learned and taught myself...
0.4 Stable Release Teaser
So I've been playing around with the game and I noticed that it's all puzzle and no platform - and that's a problem. This trailer is my solution:...
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Penrose 0.4 Pre Release
Hey guys, Quick update for Penrose! I've tweaked some things and fixed some bugs. Note: I use windows to develop so my pre releases and test builds will be f...
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Some Issues...
Hey all, just posted, but here I am again. Some players have noticed weird physics on slower machines and I am looking into patching this problem. As the game...
Fixed Download
Sorry Windows Users: It's been brought to my attention that I uploaded an empty .zip file! Whoops. I've posted t a new version (0.3) and as an apology gave yo...
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